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Vex 3


You should not miss Vex 3 – a fun and adventurous game. The difficulty increases and the barricades are constantly changing that makes player excited and want to conquer the game till the final stage.

In Vex 3, the player transforms into a character who voluntarily joins a dangerous journey in a maze to find a key. The key helps to disable a potentially barrel of explosives that threatens the survival of an island.


How to play

At first, remember to customize the mode in the panel on sound, image so that you can match and play Vex 3 in the best condition. The operation in Vex 3 is to go straight, run, jump and slide, using the up, down, left, right keys or the WASD keys depending on your forehand.

First few quests are not hard and just a little start. Follow the arrows leading to the available blocks and find the magical blue door to complete the quest. At each pass, red flag turns blue and be recorded.

The next quests in Vex 3 are not easy to complete, such glazing gaps, high long wall, rotary wheel, full of thorns spreading the road and the sea…make you lose many lives.

Play Vex 3 is no longer just using the skill of your hands, but also the intelligence to calculate and find ways to overcome the barricades. Players are always curious and do not surrender, then not stop playing, and it is one of the addictive elements in Vex 3.

Vex 3 consists of 9 main levels and 1 final central stage. Complete each level at fastest time and limit the live lost that help you win the higher trophy. Similar to version 1 & 2, Vex 3 also has a leader board to record player’s achievements but upgraded and richer.

The leader board has 4 sections and is calculated as a percentage to track the completeness of the game. Do not hesitate to share your achievement to your friends and relatives, you will get the applause or have a competition to them.

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