World of tanks

World of Tanks is the hardcore game in the world, conquering hardcore gamers through its control, gameplay, balance and tactics. However, many beginners have been confused by how to control their tanks and how they can penetrate enemy tanks, now with the “Battle of the Guards” , the tanker will easily learn and mastered the operation in World of Tanks.

The “Battle for Guidance” is a completely new and unique feature of the 8.4 update that the game maker has created for the new tanker. Displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, when the player left click on the “Battle Guide” icon, this feature will be activated.

Thus, in less than 20 minutes, players have had a great experience when getting to know World of Tanks and ready to join the first battle with other players. The player also receives a small gift of silver and free experience after completing the training.

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